Full face treatment for skin biostimulation

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Injection Areas

Discover a Dr Riekie Smit’s exclusive technic for a full face skin biostimulation using SoftFil’s cannula and cosmetics range.

In this LIVE Masterclass, Dr Riekie SMIT used our SoftFil EasyGuide pre-hole needle and our SoftFil Precision micro-cannulas to inject.
She also introduced our SoftFil cosmetics range with the Post Act Mask and the Skin Rollers for an optimal post-act treatment.

Global KOL and international trainer, Dr Riekie Smit is a world renown aesthetic physician with an in-depth expertise in skin rejuvenation, facial injectables (neuromodulators and fillers), Thread Lifting, Chemical peels, Mesotherapy, Clinical Face Anatomy, PRP, Lasers and LED.

Dr Riekie SMIT

South Africa

Used products in this webinar

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