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Dr. Ingrid Lopez Gehrke is a distinguished medical professional specializing in Dermato-Oncology and Skin Cancer Surgery. She currently holds the position of Medical Director at HAUTKLINIK, a leading Dermatological Clinic in Mexico City.

Dr. Lopez Gehrke earned her medical degree from the Veracruzana University in Mexico and subsequently pursued specialization in Dermatology and Skin Cancer at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. With a strong academic foundation and specialized training, she has become a leading expert in her field.

In her role as the Medical Director of HAUTKLINIK, Dr. Lopez Gehrke oversees the clinic’s operations, ensuring the highest standards of dermatological care. She is not only a practitioner but also an educator and advocate in the field of dermatology.

Additionally, Dr. Lopez Gehrke has established herself as a respected national and international speaker, representing the high impact pharmaceutical industry. She shares her expertise in global rejuvenation techniques, including the use of hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin, polycaprolactone, resorbable support sutures, calcium hydroxyapatite, enzymatic therapies, and other specialized medical procedures.

Dr. Lopez Gehrke is actively involved in professional organizations related to dermatology. She serves as a spokesperson for the Mexican Foundation of Dermatology and is a member of prestigious institutions such as the Mexican Board of Dermatology, Mexican Academy of Dermatology, Mexican Society of Dermatology, Mexican Foundation for Dermatology, and the Ibero-Latin American College of Dermatology. Her involvement in these organizations showcases her commitment to advancing the field and staying updated with the latest developments.

Furthermore, Dr. Lopez Gehrke has made significant contributions to medical literature. She is an author and co-author of various publications in national and international medical and scientific journals. Additionally, she has contributed as an author and co-author to several chapters in specialized medical books, further establishing her expertise and knowledge in the dermatological field.

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