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Dr. Paola Molinari is a renowned expert in the field of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, bringing decades of experience and expertise to her practice. Since her graduation, she has been dedicated to advancing the field and providing exceptional patient care.

Her journey in the medical field began with a collaboration with Prof. Mario Pelle Ceravolo in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Clinic Hesperia Hospital of Modena, a partnership that has endured since 1987. Dr. Molinari holds the distinction of being a Specialist in General Surgery, and she worked as a hospital surgeon from 1991 to 2001. Following this, she transitioned to private practice, establishing her own clinic where she continues to make a significant impact.

Dr. Molinari is actively involved in the academic and scientific communities. She serves as a member of the SIES (Italian Society of Aesthetic Surgery) Scientific Committee and has been the Scientific Coordinator of the Aesthetic Medicine Sessions at the International Congress SIES in Bologna. Additionally, her expertise has led her to a professorial role at the 2nd level of the Master and Advanced Master of Aesthetic Medicine at the University of Sassari. She is also a valuable member of CRISMENC, the Center for Research and Development in Aesthetic Medicine, Nutraceutical, and Cosmetology.

Furthermore, Dr. Molinari has contributed significantly to the field of aesthetic medicine. She is a co-author of the manual titled “Management of Errors and Complications in Aesthetic Medicine,” a testament to her knowledge and dedication to ensuring the highest standards of patient safety and care in the field of aesthetic medicine.

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