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Dr. Marcin Ambroziak, MD, PhD, is a prominent figure in the medical field, known for his contributions to dermatology, plastic surgery, and cosmetology. He co-founded one of Poland’s leading clinics, Klinika Ambroziak, renowned for its excellence in patient care and education. Remarkably, it is the sole private dermatological clinic in Poland engaged in the education of medical students.

Dr. Ambroziak’s expertise extends beyond clinical practice; he is widely recognized for his scientific work, his ability to navigate everyday medical challenges, and his acumen in the business aspects of healthcare. His influence also extends to the media, where he hosts a popular national TV show, reaching a broad audience with his medical insights.

In addition to his clinical and media roles, Dr. Ambroziak holds significant positions within professional organizations. He serves as the Vice President of the Aesthetic Section of the Polish Dermatological Society, showcasing his leadership and dedication to advancing the field of dermatology. Furthermore, he is the founder of the Anti-Ageing Medicine Education International Center, emphasizing his commitment to education and knowledge dissemination in the realm of anti-ageing medicine.

Dr. Ambroziak’s multifaceted contributions, spanning education, research, clinical practice, and media, have established him as a respected authority in the medical community, both nationally and internationally.

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