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Dr Christian Fayard

Cosmetic Doctor


Speaks : english, french

Dr. Christian Fayard, a Doctor of Medicine, is a highly respected professional in the field of aesthetic medicine. With a background as a former intern at the University Hospital of Amiens and a graduate of the International College of Aesthetic Medicine (CIME), Dr. Fayard has honed his skills and expertise in various aspects of medical practice.

He further enhanced his knowledge by obtaining a Diploma of Inter-University Studies in medical lasers from Paris VI Pierre et Marie Curie, a testament to his specialization in advanced medical laser technologies. Registered with the Order of Physicians of the Department of the Somme, Dr. Fayard operates at the forefront of ethical and professional standards in his practice.

In addition to his academic achievements, Dr. Fayard serves as an expert physician, sharing his specialized knowledge with colleagues and offering consultations in the realm of aesthetic medicine. His role as a medical trainer allows him to contribute to the education of fellow professionals, while his position as a consultant for several laboratories highlights his influence in the development of cutting-edge medical products and treatments.

Dr. Fayard is an active participant in continuing medical education (CME) initiatives, engaging with renowned organizations like SFME, IMCAS, and SOFMMAA. He is also a respected speaker at significant medical congresses, including DEFEE, SFME, and JDEC, where he shares his insights and contributes to the advancement of the field.

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