Everything on Topilase®, the new topical hyaluronidase

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Injection Areas

Discover the new innovation by SoftFil® and train with Dr Sandrine Sebban for optimal use
Dr Sandrine Sebban presents Topilase®, the latest SoftFil innovation. This topical dermo-adjusting treatment will allow you to safely adjust the excessive presence of hyaluronic acid. Discover its protocol for use and benefit from the advice of Dr Sandrine Sebban, who has been involved in the development of this patented innovation for more than 5 years.
Do not miss this exceptional opportunity! Topilase®, the new essential tool for injecting physicians will no longer hold any secrets for you!

Dr Sandrine SEBBAN


Dr Christian Fayard


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Topilase®, the new topical hyaluronidase

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