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Dr Joseph Kobaiter

Cosmetic Doctor


Speaks : english, french

Dr. Joseph Kobaiter is a distinguished aesthetic doctor based in Paris, known for his expertise in various fields of cosmetic medicine. He has earned several prestigious qualifications, including:

  • Inter-University Diploma in Anti-Aging Morphological Medicine (Paris 2009/2010 and 2010/2011): Dr. Kobaiter has specialized knowledge in anti-aging morphological medicine, a field focused on treatments to combat signs of aging and enhance natural beauty.
  • European Inter-University Diploma on Medical Lasers (Nancy 2010-2011): He holds a diploma in medical lasers, showcasing his proficiency in using advanced laser technologies for medical and cosmetic purposes.
  • European Inter-University Diploma in Hair Loss Treatment (Lyon 2012-2013): Dr. Kobaiter is trained in hair loss treatment techniques, demonstrating his commitment to addressing a wide range of aesthetic concerns.

Beyond his private practice, Dr. Kobaiter plays a significant role in the cosmetic medicine industry. He serves as an expert physician for major cosmetic medicine laboratories, contributing his expertise to the development and advancement of medical treatments and products. Furthermore, he is actively involved in training and educating his colleagues in various specialized areas, including injection techniques, cryolipolysis, and medical lasers.

In recognition of his expertise and teaching abilities, Dr. Kobaiter has been entrusted with the role of being in charge of medical training at the Pasquier Institute of Aesthetic Medicine, where he imparts his knowledge to aspiring professionals in the field. His dedication to continuous learning and sharing his expertise underscores his commitment to providing high-quality care and education in the realm of cosmetic medicine.

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