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Dr. Alı ŞAHAN is a highly skilled medical professional and a specialist in dermatology. He obtained his medical degree from the GATA Faculty of Medicine in Ankara, showcasing a strong foundation in general medicine.

Continuing his educational journey, Dr. ŞAHAN underwent specialized training in dermatology at the GATA Department of Dermatology, where he had previously completed his undergraduate studies. In 2014, he earned the distinguished title of “Dermatology Specialist,” marking the pinnacle of his focused and comprehensive education.

Dr. ŞAHAN’s commitment to delivering high-quality medical care is evident through his continuous pursuit of knowledge and specialization in dermatology. His expertise spans a wide spectrum of dermatological conditions, allowing him to provide exceptional care and specialized advice to his patients.

With a background in both general medicine and dermatology, Dr. ŞAHAN is well-equipped to address the diverse healthcare needs of his patients. His holistic approach to medicine, coupled with his profound understanding of dermatological issues, reflects his dedication to the well-being of those under his care. As a medical doctor and dermatology specialist, Dr. Alı ŞAHAN exemplifies the importance of ongoing education and specialization in achieving optimal healthcare outcomes.

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