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Dr Marina LANDAU

M.D. Dermatologist


Speaks : english

Dr. Marina Landau is a distinguished medical and cosmetic dermatologist based in Israel. She received her training in Dermatology at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center and further honed her expertise through fellowships at New York University, NY, USA, and Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto, Canada.

A respected professional in her field, Dr. Landau holds memberships in prestigious organizations, including the American Academy of Dermatology. She is the founding President of the International Peeling Society, the Past President of the Israeli Society for Dermatologic Surgery, and a member of the board of directors of the International Society for Dermatologic Surgery.

Dr. Landau is globally recognized as a dermatologic surgeon, with specialized expertise in non-surgical methods for facial rejuvenation. Her contributions to the field extend beyond clinical practice; she has authored over 90 scientific articles published in leading Dermatologic journals and textbooks. Additionally, Dr. Landau has contributed multiple chapters to books on chemical peels and injectables, showcasing her in-depth knowledge and research.

A dedicated educator and mentor, Dr. Landau shares her vast experience with doctors worldwide, making a significant impact on the medical community through her teaching and guidance. Her commitment to advancing dermatologic surgery and facial rejuvenation techniques has earned her a reputation as a leading expert in the field.

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