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Dr El Mouttaki Mohamed Youssef

Aesthetic doctor


Speaks : english, french, spanish

Dr. Mohamed Youssef El Mouttaki, based in Morocco, is a dedicated medical professional specializing in regenerative and aesthetic medicine since 2017. He holds degrees from the faculties of medicine in Casablanca and Rabat, specializing in Interventional Dermatology, which includes dermatological surgery and lasers, as well as aesthetic medicine, covering procedures like peels and injections.

Dr. El Mouttaki is a respected speaker in the field of aesthetic and regenerative medicine, regularly presenting at international congresses such as medical expos and aesthetic surgery conferences. He is recognized as a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) and trainer, particularly in botulinum toxin injection techniques and the use of fillers with needles and softfil microcannules. He conducts training sessions for leading laboratories, including Hyacorp, IPSEN (Dysport), Skintech, IBSA, and Sinclair.

In addition to his active involvement in the medical community, Dr. El Mouttaki serves as the Vice-President of the Moroccan Association of Aesthetic Medicine (AMESCODI). He is also a proud member of esteemed organizations such as the European Society of Hair Transplantation (FUE Europe) and the International Society of Regenerative Medicine (ISSCA). His expertise and contributions have made him a respected figure in the fields of regenerative and aesthetic medicine.

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